Executive Function Coach Nancy Chin

Nancy Chin earned her BA in Psychology from the University of California at Berkeley. She has been a successful Executive Function Coach for nearly 20 years, working with struggling, high-IQ individuals to help them develop the skills they need to realize their full potential.

Nancy originally learned the immense value of creating and following a clear, manageable schedule and routine—while explicitly defining goals and expectations—in her IT career, and then in her experience as a mother of two. Previously, Nancy managed IT projects and developed software and databases for major corporations worldwide, including Bechtel Corporation, Kaiser Permanente, McDonnell Douglas, National Westminster Bank, Rabo Bank and Wells Fargo.

Nancy started coaching at-risk youth in schools and hospitals as a volunteer before establishing Step By Step For Success in 2005. She has been confirming and solidifying her coaching methodologies for nearly two decades. Many of Nancy’s clients have received clinical diagnoses of learning disabilities or Executive Function-related disorders. She continues to cater to this highly under-served population to help them access their gifts by creating individualized plans tailored to their strengths and challenges.

In addition to her work as an Executive Function Coach, Nancy volunteers as a grant writer for the Berkeley Chess School and provides care for animals at Sienna Ranch in Lafayette. She enjoys hiking, traveling and spending time with family and friends.