Adults with Executive Function deficit “find that they just can’t manage the organizational type of responsibilities of some of their work, and so they start falling behind. But when you improve their executive function, it just lets them perform better.”
R. Scott Benson, MD

Organization and time management are important in the practice of day-to-day life. Executive Function Coach Nancy Chin helps professionals focus on developing the structures, processes and practical approaches necessary to meet everyday challenges and excel in areas of strength—instead of just trying to keep up.

Group of business people are working in the office

Step By Step is for adults who:

  • Have goals which have failed to launch
  • Feel overwhelmed at work or in their personal life
  • Have started numerous projects but have not completed most
  • Feel “stuck” in their current situation

Step By Step also works with professionals who have learning and attention disabilities such as AD/HD and Autism Spectrum Disorders. Many people with weak Executive Function also contend with learning differences, and Nancy is experienced in helping innately intelligent and talented adults to strengthen their Executive Function skills and allow their gifts to shine.

Whether it’s starting a new career, finding the right work/family balance, or going back to school, the key to success lies in Executive Function. Contact Nancy to discuss how you can learn to organize and prioritize work tasks and set goals to make the most of your potential.