K-12 Students

The assumption that “smart kids” will always land on their feet is false. 

An essential purpose of school is for children and teens to become self-directed. However, even bright, motivated students will struggle and become frustrated if they lack Executive Function. Executive Function Coach Nancy Chin teaches K-12 students the foundations of learning: organization, focus, time management and goal setting.

[N]ot all gifted students are successful. Researchers estimate that between 18 percent and 25 percent of gifted students drop out of school […]. Even when gifted students stay in school, many of them underachieve—that is, their actual achievement is far below their expected achievement. 
—Katie McClarty, “They’ll be Fine”: Educational Opportunities for Gifted Learners

Step By Step is for children who:

  • Procrastinate until assignments seem overwhelming and anxiety-inducing
  • Lose or forget to turn in homework
  • Are impulsive and become frustrated easily
  • Exhibit inconsistent classroom, test, and homework performance

Nancy collaborates with school personnel, resource specialists and parents to get a comprehensive picture of each student’s unique strengths and challenges, both at home and at school. Then, Nancy develops a personalized plan that incorporates structure and achievable goals into the student’s daily life. As the student succeeds and gains confidence, he or she works with Nancy to set new objectives leading to long-term goal fulfillment. Nancy also helps older students to learn to advocate for themselves by communicating directly with teachers to build strong, working relationships.

If your child is underachieving in school, contact Nancy to help your student start making the most of his or her potential. Follow this link to learn more about how Step By Step can help Individuals with Learning Disabilities.