College and Graduate Students

College and graduate school are times for students to discover their own individuality and independence. However, the demands of managing classes, papers, exams and other assignments can be difficult for students on the brink of adulthood. Executive Function Coach Nancy Chin works with college and graduate students to help organize and prioritize work, eliminate distractions—and set obtainable goals.

Step By Step is for young adults who:

  • Get easily distracted and have difficulty focusing on tasks
  • Have poor sleep habits and are tired and unprepared in class as a result
  • Have difficulty managing multiple projects at the same time
  • Spend too much time on devices and lack a healthy balance of sleep, exercise and social activities
  • Have a learning or an attention disability

The transition to adulthood can be especially challenging for students with learning disabilities.

“[A] substantial number of young adults—as many as one in five—struggle with learning and attention issues (LAI) but many have not been formally identified.”
Student Voices: A Study of Young Adults with Learning and Attention Issues, National Center for Learning Disabilities.

Step By Step specializes in helping individuals with learning disabilitiesContact Nancy to start developing a proper structure and a sensible schedule, so you can spend less time stressing about assignments and put more energy towards working on your aspirations.