Step By Step provides services for:

Coach Nancy Chin strengthens clients’ Executive Function by building:

Organization Skills

  • Identify beginning, middle and end points for a project
  • Establish daily routines and a detailed agenda of activities
  • Set up an environment that is conducive to work or study
  • Organize work/study area, supplies and tools, and briefcase/backpack

Focus Skills

  • Eliminate distractions, including the illusion of multi-tasking
  • Use detailed agenda to increase independence
  • Increase comprehension to work efficiently and maximize productivity

Time-Management Skills

  • Create a realistic, consistent schedule
  • Break large projects into small, manageable components
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Develop self-discipline

Goal-Setting and Prioritization Skills

  • Set achievable short-term goals leading to long-term goal fulfillment
  • Create a habit of consistently completing tasks
  • Chart progress and develop self-accountability
  • Incorporate structure into daily life with realistic expectations