Executive function coaching for underachieving children, teens, and adults in the San Francisco Bay Area

What is executive function?

Executive function is the set of skills we use to plan, organize, and follow-through on tasks. Executive function discernment allows us to:

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  • Evaluate and prioritize tasks
  • Follow directions and remember detailed instructions
  • Divide projects into smaller, more manageable components
  • Recognize when a method is not working and switch strategies
  • Control impulse

Persons lacking executive function skills will find even simple tasks, such as completing a list of chores, to be overly complicated. In a school environment, weak or non-existent executive function skills have a profound impact on academic success, even for the brightest of students.

Executive Function Coach Nancy Chin provides a unique, holistic approach to help students and adults develop and apply these executive function skills, academically, and in daily life. Nancy’s clients learn how to establish clear goals, prioritize tasks, and execute a work plan. In the process, students gain better concentration and comprehension skills and develop important success-affirming organization and time management skills, plus an ease and joy of learning.

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