Executive Function Coaching for Bay Area Professionals and Students

Executive Function is “the ability to plan ahead and organize behavior across time and space in order to fulfill goals and intentions.”
—Christine Temple

Executive Function Coaching
People lacking executive function skills will find even simple tasks—such as completing a list of chores—to be overly complicated. In a school environment, weak Executive Function has a profound impact on academic success, even for the brightest of students. Adults with weak Executive Function feel overwhelmed at work or in their personal life and seem to be stuck in neutral.

Step By Step for Success is an Executive Function coaching service for underachieving children and adults in the San Francisco Bay Area. Executive Function Coach Nancy Chin helps talented professionals and students realize their full potential by introducing a dependable, stable structure to their work and life.

Executive Function Deficit
Step By Step for Success is for children and adults who:

  • Lack organization skills and procrastinate work
  • Have trouble starting and completing projects or assignments
  • Are talented yet overwhelmed at the office or in the classroom
  • Exhibit inconsistencies between ability and performance

Executive Function Skills
Executive Function Coach Nancy Chin helps individuals build the set of skills they need to plan, organize, and follow through on tasks. With coaching from Step By Step for Success, professionals and students can make the most of their potential by honing their abilities to:Beautiful young lawyer reviewing and signing a lot of documents at work

  • Evaluate and prioritize tasks
  • Follow directions and remember detailed instructions
  • Divide projects into smaller, more manageable components
  • Recognize when a method is not working and switch strategies

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