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Academic Coaching Combats Learning Disabilities in Lafayette CA

The East Bay California town Lafayette is known for its quality schools all the way from elementary through high school. The Lafayette based elementary schools are Lafayette, Springhill, Happy Valley, and Burton Valley. Lafayette locals often attend Stanley Middle School, before enrolling at either Acalanes High School or Campolindo.

Despite the excellent quality of education provided by these California public schools, children who struggle with learning disabilities such as ADD, ADHD, and executive functioning disorder may still slip through the cracks. This does not indicate a lack of intelligence or non-caring parents. Learning how to manage and work with these disabilities takes time, consistency, and individualized attention the greater school district cannot currently provide. Due to California’s limited budget and other strains placed on the public schools in Lafayette, there are often not enough resources to attend to each student’s unique needs.

struggling students can become successful students

That’s why Nancy Chin, of Step By Step for Success, offers academic coaching. It is a personalized, holistic approach which helps students identify, understand, and better harness learning differences. By returning to basic skills such as organization, time management, study skills, and goal setting Nancy will literally walk students through a progressive process that initially makes success in the classroom more possible, but can later be translated to other areas of life.

The East Bay-based Step By Step for Success allows you to stay local. Located in nearby Orinda Nancy specifically caters to the neighboring Walnut Creek, Moraga, Orinda, Danville, and Lafayette communities. This proximity not only provides a shorter commute, but ensures that as an academic coach Nancy is actually familiar with your child’s learning environment.

The fact that you have found this website shows you are searching for options and have already taken the first step.

Take the next one.

Call Nancy at Step By Step for Success today, and allow her to walk with your student through the crucial next steps.


* Step By Step for Success serves the California Bay Area including the cities of Alamo, Danville, Concord, Pleasant Hill, Orinda, Moraga, Lafayette, Walnut Creek, San Ramon, Berkeley, Oakland, Piedmont, and other local cities.

Academic Coaching Combats Learning Disabilities in Danville CA

Danville is often referred to as the “heart of the San Ramon Valley.”  This California suburb of San Francisco emanates small-town charm yet is equipped with exquisite shopping and dining experiences at Blackhawk Plaza, countless opportunities for outdoor recreation (hiking, biking, running, swimming), and a high-ranked school system. That’s probably why so many of the East Bay’s prominent business people choose to call Danville home.

No matter how wonderful the community is however, it isn’t perfect. Learning disabilities transcend socio-economic boundaries and manifest themselves in even the most idyllic communities. Despite advantages like good schools or even tutors, conditions such as ADD, ADHD, and executive function disorder are on the rise in children and teenagers in Danville. In fact, oftentimes students who suffer from these disabilities are incredibly bright.

All of these disorders disrupt the normal flow of life at school as well as home. Progress is impeded, tasks go un-accomplished, and a child’s potential is not realized. This frustrates both parent and child, and can cause strain on relationships.

Learning disabilities can be hard to recognize

Lucky for Danville, Nancy Chin of nearby Orinda is an academic coach. She specializes in helping gifted students with ADD, ADHD, and executive function disorders. By working intensively one-on-one with her through her program students learn valuable skills and habits for overcoming the debilitating effects of learning differences. Intended for use first in the classroom, her holistic approach can be applied to all areas of life and help a person function better overall.

The first step to combating these disorders is acknowledging they exist. Take the first step and see Nancy’s prospective clients list today to see if your child could benefit from her program.  What have you got to lose?

Call Nancy at Step By Step for Success and discuss options to help your child.


* Step By Step for Success serves the California Bay Area including the cities of Alamo, Danville, Concord, Pleasant Hill, Orinda, Moraga, Lafayette, Walnut Creek, San Ramon, Berkeley, Oakland, Piedmont, and other local cities.

Academic Coaching Combats Learning Differences in Orinda CA

Your child doesn't have to struggle in schoolWith diagnosis of learning disorders such as ADD, ADHD, Executive Functioning Disorder and Asperger’s on the rise more and more people are turning towards the internet for answers and advice. Why is your child hyper-active? How is your son so inattentive in the classroom when you know first-hand how intelligent he is? The temptation is to find the proper label to place on a child, and to find the quick-fix.

The truth is there is no quick-fix. Regardless of what learning disability a child suffers from there are measures that can be taken and skills that can be learned that will help him or her not only in the classroom, but also in all areas of life. Actually cultivating the seemingly obvious skills of organization, time management, focus, and goal setting can literally turn a student’s life around. The key is in the consistency—something else students with these learning disabilities struggle with.

Orinda-based Nancy Chin works with students to accomplish just that. Her holistic approach is based on creating solid, consistent foundations that enable students to better manage their learning disorders and create success first in the classroom, and later beyond. Stop making it so complicated. Come back to square one, and step by intentional step your child will learn how to function with his or her learning disorder. Contact Nancy today.


* Orinda neighbors Lafayette, Moraga and Walnut Creek. If you or someone you know lives here and has a child who might benefit from academic coaching, we are available.